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  • Single Window For Institute Process
  • Trade Import
  • Contract Print
  • STP
  • 6a7a File
  • No Process Required
  • Trade Split
  • Brokerage Change
  • Custodian Code Change
  • STP ISO file generation
  • CLD, OTR/CP file generation
  • NSDL, NSE IT, FT gateway
  • 6A,7A file facility
  • Institute all brokerage rounding
  • Trade split into a multiple contract note
  • Custodian mismatch alert facility


  • Highly user friendly and quick access
  • Maintains the separate internal and external client data
  • Manages the “Fact Check” process
  • Facilitate the third party audit/ Self Audit Check
  • User Right based product
  • file generation for the bided clients
  • Summarized and Detailed reports
  • Reports based on bided and non bided clients
  • Allows Bid export only after authorization of cheque
  • Allows punching of bids only within start end date
  • Branch level authorization
  • Branch can bid only for their respective clients
  • Branch level report in detailed and summarized form


  • Client Personal details—client master
  • UCC, file generation
  • Order confirmation report
  • Transaction summary report
  • MFSS Order Confirmation Report
  • Bill stock summary
  • Outward stock summary
  • Early Pay In

NBFC Clients

  • NBFC Family Mapping for Client — Setting for NBFC Client / Family
  • Interest Calculation
  • NBFC fund transfer
  • NBFC Beneficiary Posting
  • Party Details Report
  • related reports & report with branch wise-family wise-client wise-Net debit and credit along with cash segment and NBFC segment debit / credit separately
  • NBFC Analysis Report—this report shows clients net debit and credit in debit and credit columns respectively