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Branch Features

Trading Attributes:

KYC: Client Master Creation & Client Info Modification

Remeshire Sharing Brokerage
Master Level Options Defined: Family master & Brokerage Master
Web X Limit: Activated Clients Could be defined

Trade File: Exported from Branch Directly
Contract Printing: in DOT Matrix & Laser

User Accessibility: Branch user control with multiple user

Reports: Bills & Contracts, Bill JV Data, Brokerage, net position, client master, client Welcome Letter, STT, Turnover Sauda, Risk



Accounts Attributes:

Payment Request: To HO authorization
Receipt Entry: Directly from here or HO authorization
Advance fund pay in request: To HO for authorization
Inter exchange Fund transfer
Bulk pay out request: For multiple branches

Reports: Accounts details, Accounts Summery, Collection Reports, Ageing Reports, Voucher Print, Voucher Entry.



DEMAT Attributes:
Stock payout request is also available

Reports: Beneficiary Reports, Inward outward stock summary Reports, Hold reports, Shortage Reports, Stock Statements.





KYC: BO Set up from branch and authorized at Head-office


On market/Off Market/ inter DP instruction from branch
Demat Request from Branch
Transaction statements from branch


Slip Book Request

Reports: Branch wise summary,Welcome letter,Transaction statement,Client Detail,

KYC tracker,Receipt Payment Register, Holding Transaction Report, Voucher View, Holding Report.